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Making Room for God!

By: Sheila R. McKeithen, J.D.

Chaplain, Jamaica



“…‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.” Zechariah 4:6  (NIV)


Today, let’s be reminded that no matter how long we’ve been a Delta, we need God. No matter how recently you entered this sisterhood, you need God. Even if your financial portfolio is vast and the envy of many, you need God. Your house can be featured in Architectural Digest Magazine and you need God.

If you are facing issues such as health, financial, relationship or, career, you need God. Whether you are riding high in life or riding low, you need God. Even Jesus acknowledged that God abiding in and through him is the producer of the marvelous and miraculous work that the world remembers to this day. (See John 14:10)

Why is it important that you recognize the need for God? Because you are likely to make room for anything that you acknowledge you need in your life. Ask yourself this question: Where do I need to make room for more of God to express in my life?

Are you facing what you perceive as a stumbling block? Make room for God to either move that stumbling block out of the way or give you the strength to outlast it or even endure it. Are you concerned because the debts appear high while the income seems low? Make room for God to meet every appearance of need. Are you facing instability in your relationships, make room for God’s love to guide all parties involved toward mutual respect, compassion, understanding and unconditional love.

Make room for more of God in your life by inviting the Holy Spirit to sweep over your soul every moment of the day and night. Stay in tune with God’s spirit through prayer, meditation, solitude, reading your Bible, journaling and reading books by authors who inspire you or listening to music that encourages you. Let’s make room and receive more of what God’s presence so that we can experience more of God’s gifts every moment of the day.  



Holy Spirit sweep out fear, hate, doubt, insecurity, and the belief that ‘this or that’ is too hard for You to resolve on my behalf.  Sweep it all out and then sweep in the love that casts out fear. Sweep in the Truth that stops trouble in its tracks. Sweep in hope because Your plan for me is bigger than what I’m facing. Sweep in money that there may be plenty to spare and to share. Sweep in compassion that I won’t be so quick to judge myself and others. Sweep into my soul that plan for good that you have for me, for my spouse, my parents, my children, my family, my community, and for the  nation as well as for the world. Sweep in Your insights so that I won’t simply rely on my eyesight. Sweep in power so that I can do what you want me to do; so I can have what you want me to have and so that I can go where you want me go. Sweep in faith to trust you and rely on you. Sweep over my soul Holy Spirit that I may exhibit the prayerfulness of Queen Esther; the leadership of Deborah; the commitment of Hannah and the devotion of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. This I pray in the name and glory of the Living Christ. Amen.

The Divine Prayer Line

A Prayer for Health:

God’s healing presence has taken up full residence in my body temple. I am whole and healed NOW!   

A Prayer of Wealth:
God’s bounty is never ending and therefore always available to me. I have plenty to share and to spare NOW! 
A Prayer for Happiness:
God’s joy bubbles up in my soul and overflows my life. I am happy NOW!








The Lord is near to all who call on him,
    to all who call on him in truth. Psalm 145:18 (ESV)


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